11 Vital Social Media Metrics to Track

Social media is an important part of any digital marketing strategy, and there are literally hundreds of metrics you could be analyzing. With the vast amount of data at your fingertips dictating information on how your content is being perceived and consumed, it’s imperative for your business to begin examining your social media with an eagle-eyed perspective regarding the key metrics your business MUST be tracking.


As you publish more content on the internet, the sheer amount of data continues to grow, as well. It’s important to not lose sight of the analytics that is important to your business, and perhaps the information that isn’t quite as critical to your overall strategy.

Are you posting at the right time? Are you using the platform correctly? Are your results optimal for your strategy? How are you supposed to even know? The answer is to identify, specifically, the relevance of certain data in relation to your strategy, and to be able to parse through, under no uncertain terms, what that data means.