Anatomy of a Great Website | Infographic

Anatomy of a Great Website

A website can either be an approachable and enthusiastic gateway to your brand, or it can leave a negative first impression.

While, unfortunately, many brands often overlook the importance of their website, there’s always time to make a change.

By breaking down a site into six solid categories, we were able to create an infographic that helps businesses develop effective websites that convert. 

  • Strategy: The strategy of your website cannot be stressed enough. If you don’t know the role your website plays in generating and converting leads, then a lot of potential revenue will fall through the cracks.
  • Design: Your brand might have the best three complementary colors out on the market to date, but sometimes (most times) less is more. 
  • Content: The content on your website plays a HUGE role in winning over your audience. Thorough and up-to-date content positions you as an expert and a thought-leader in your industry. This positioning builds trust with your business base and keeps them coming back to you as the brand that solves their pain points and adds value to their life. 
  • Navigation: Do away with internal bias and think about your audience. How will they navigate your website? Are you speaking their language? Is your website intuitive and approachable? It all matters. 
  • CTAs: How do you expect your website visitor to provide you their email address if you never ask for it? Strategic, strong, and super visible CTAs are the answer, and should always be backed by a value proposition that’s worth the information they’re providing. 
  • Responsiveness: Everyone is on mobile these days, and your website needs to perform just as beautifully in someone’s hand as when displayed on a desktop. 

In Primitive’s free infographic, Anatomy of a Great Website, we take a practical look at the six core website elements that are sure to create a lasting first impression for your site’s newest visitors.