The goal of Shift Admin is to provide a customizable, user-friendly, web-based service that simplifies scheduling through fully-automated schedule generation algorithms.

The Challenge

A Lack of Data

Without data, even the most well-thought-out strategies won’t seem fruitful. How can one build a successful marketing strategy with no understanding of what’s working and what’s not? Shift Admin, though having the very best intentions, lacked an understanding of the results of the strategy they initially put into place.

While they were effectively generating conversions and had a steady stream of demo requests, they had incredibly limited source data on any of the important touch points within the buyer’s journey.

  • They had no way of monitoring or tracking when significant actions were taken on
    their site.
  • They had a CRM but weren’t using it to the full extent.
  • They had implemented a sales process, but that process wasn’t reflected in their CRM, making reporting on the state of their pipeline inefficient.
  • They didn’t have a system in place for marketing automation or analytical measurement.

Ultimately, they were seeking a way to identify and fully understand a clear conversion path. They were ready to take things to the next level and wanted to see source data around their conversions to support a closed-loop view of their marketing efforts. What Shift Admin needed was a partner. An agency that could put all the appropriate systems and processes in place to capitalize on and gain a solid understanding of their marketing efforts.

Client: Shift Admin

Project Type: Inbound Marketing



First, a healthy digital ecosystem needed to be established to properly track sources and understand how they were contributing to the success of their strategy. Once built, specific goals were developed:

  • Increase total website visits by 15% each quarter
  • Increase their social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by 20% each quarter
  • Generate 20 contacts from content offers each quarter
  • Generate 120 leads from demo requests each quarter. 
    Our goal for Q3 is 86.

Together, we attacked each goal from as many sides as possible. In order to execute on these goals, Primitive Social used HubSpot Automation Software. Within this platform, we were able to build dedicated landing pages for content offers, write and publish SEO rich blogs, publish to and monitor Shift Admin social media channels, and implement a targeted email marketing strategy. To increase conversions from lead generation content offers, we implemented a paid advertising campaign within social media platforms.



  • Strategic competitive research was conducted to paint a picture of the digital competitive landscape in Shift Admin’s space.

  • Detailed buyer personas were developed around two key target audiences to humanize messaging and resonate with the individuals they wanted to reach.

  • To increase contacts from lead generation, content offers were advertised via social ads, lead flows (pop-ups) were deployed on the website pages, content offer CTA's were added to blogs, and were then shared in newsletters and other email campaigns.

Social Mockups


  • Mentions of Shift Admin were monitored on social media platforms and outreach was performed where necessary to generate backlinks.


  • Email drip campaigns were implemented via HubSpot automation and newsletters were sent out monthly to keep Shift Admin top of mind with their customers and prospects.


  • The Google AdWords vendor working with Shift Admin was consulted to include dedicated landing pages that were specifically designed for Ad Groups; while featuring the target keyword for each group to increase ad rank without needing to increase bid.
  • A strategic Facebook Ads campaign was launched through Power Editor and Facebook Lead Ads through HubSpot.


  • The sales strategy was mapped out with Shift Admin’s VP of Sales and customized within their CRM to support it. Additionally, Primitive Social worked very closely with the sales team to make the HubSpot CRM work with their current process. Including the phases of the sales cycle, but also the interactions salespeople have with technology, we structured the software to work with their everyday habits and tried to reduce the need for them to adjust their behaviors to work with the CRM.


Implementing a successful inbound marketing strategy is about developing a long-lasting approach to meeting your established goals. While this project is ongoing, Shift Admin has already seen excellent results from the initiatives put into place with Primitive Social. In the first year of this strategic inbound marketing plan, Shift Admin has seen a:


Increase in social media followers


Increase in site traffic


Increase in demo requests generated

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