Chapter 4

The Benefits of Inbound Marketing


Throughout this guide, we’ve touched on several pieces of inbound, but we haven’t nailed down the actual benefits you can expect to see from a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy. Here are a few benefits to a building a successful inbound marketing strategy:


Build Authority

Inbound marketing is an excellent solution for building your brand authority and awareness. By creating quality content and having a strong social media presence, you’re able to showcase your brand as a thought leader by educating your audience through your website. For example, think about a specific brand you follow online. What are they doing that makes you so adamant to return regularly and read what they write? Chances are, they are providing you with valuable content that interests you and makes them appear trustworthy and reliable. Your goal as a business should be to position yourselves in the same way to your prospects and customers. You want to be the expert in your industry and you want to be able to build that trust. You accomplish this through inbound marketing.

Another way to build authority is by developing relationships with brands that have a high domain authority. This approach can take significantly longer, however it can help you tremendously in the long run.

Some of the best methods to receive high quality backlinks are:


Have a Strong Social Presence Convert

The process of a visitor coming to your site and discovering their desire for more information about your business is where a visitor becomes a lead. Visitors to your site have a choice: either build a relationship with you, or leave and never come back. This is the phase that helps prompt a visitor to provide information through contact forms or content offers.


Ask to Guest Post

As we noted, getting high quality backlinks from well-known brands typically isn’t an easy process. Often times it will take a member of your team reaching out to these websites to see if you can create a guest post on their site. When you do your outreach, be very specific about who your company is and how your guest post can be of value to them and their audience.


Ask for a Link

Similar to asking for a guest post, sometimes you may need to do outreach to see if a high quality domain will link to a piece of content that you created. It is imperative that the piece of content you created is extremely valuable to their audience, otherwise asking for a link is a lost cause.

When you do your outreach for high quality backlinks, it is vital that you don’t sound spammy. There’s no better way to turn people off to your brand than to sound like a spammer.

Just keep in mind: building authority takes hard work. It’s not something that will happen easily or overnight without your team putting in the necessary time to generate these backlinks.


Reach New Audiences

Since inbound marketing is a digital strategy, it allows you to reach new markets and audiences with your campaigns that you may not have been able to reach through traditional methods, such as direct mail, radio, billboards and TV ads. When companies use direct mail, radio, or tv ads, they’re casting a wide net and hoping that the right people get the message.

With inbound marketing, you can create content that targets the exact audience that you want to turn into customers. You could target 35-year-old males that are homeowners, drive a truck, and have an income over $100,000. While the audience you’re targeting does become smaller the more narrow you segment, you are able to be more detailed in your marketing message because you know exactly who you’re marketing to. Maintain-a-Digital-Presence

Maintain a Digital Presence

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that inbound marketing isn’t about quick wins, it’s about building a smart strategy that will work well for you consistently and over time. A major benefit to building inbound the right way is that it helps you maintain a digital presence that works for you 24/7. Your digital presence is always living and breathing online. When you create a valuable piece of content, like a blog, an eBook, or a webinar that ranks well on search engines, that piece of content will continue to bring quality traffic to your website - even after your team has moved on to the next big thing.

Additionally, repurposing that valuable content is a smart approach to your inbound efforts. Turning a robust eBook into several smaller, easily digestible blogs is a great way to create valuable content - either with limited or unlimited resources. The fact is, people consume information differently, so providing similar content in different formats is one way to create content for multiple audiences.

In order for your company to truly reap the benefits of inbound marketing, there are things your company needs to be well-versed in.


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