The New Reality of Sales

Historically, sales and marketing were a game of seeing who could be the loudest and the pushiest. The more you shouted about your business from the rooftops, the more likely you were to bring in customers. Companies used to broadcast their business through disruptive methods like telemarketing calls, commercials, radio ads, and billboards, joining in the fight to break through the noise and convince customers to choose them.

With this outdated process, the consumer was treated like a chess piece - part of a game in which only businesses would win. In this game, anything goes (for the business, that is) - it was easy to manipulate buyers or convince them to choose your business without really caring about their needs, problems, or values. Because transparency wasn’t an expectation or rule of the game, buyers ended up being uneducated and uninformed of all their potential purchasing options and had to rely on the sellers to direct them in their purchases.

In an effort to promote transparency we’ve provided a free, in-depth eBook about the new reality of sales.

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