Buyer Persona Tool

Need help making your persona? This step-by-step tool will guide you through the process of creating your own personalized buyer persona.


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Give Your Persona a Name

We like to use alliteration with our personas, using names like Owner Ollie or Marketing Mike


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What is Your Persona’s Job Title or Role?

For example, Marketing Mike’s job title might be “Chief Marketing Officer”


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What Industry Does Your Persona Work In?

Be as specific as possible when describing their industry.


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What is the Education Level of the Persona?

Highlight the level of education of your persona. This might be something like “Bachelor’s Degree”


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What is the Average Age of the Persona?

How old is the persona?


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What are the Persona’s Job Responsibilities?

Describe the main duties they are responsible for.


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What are the Persona’s Goals at Their Job?

Describe what they’re trying to accomplish.


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What Are Their Biggest Challenges in Their Job?

Describe what keeps them up at night.


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What Tools Does the Persona Need to do Their Job Well?

This can include software, hardware, etc.


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Who Does the Persona Report to?

Who is their direct supervisor?


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Who Reports to the Persona?

Who is typically part of this persona's team?


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What Are Common Objections the Persona Might Have Toward Your Product/Service?

Describe a typical reason this persona may be hesitant to work with your business.


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Where Does the Persona Access Industry Information?

Describe publications, websites, etc. that the persona uses.


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Download Your Buyer Persona

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